Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Well last weekend ended up being pretty darn good and full of surprises. Biggest surprise I made out with two dudes. Yeah, I'm a hussy now get with it. I am also surprising myself by learning I do not actually hate dating. I don't love it either, but it's a lot of fun. That's something I have never really found or experienced before with it, the fun.

Friday night, was SUPER fun. Gentleman #1 was very nice, funny, warm, easy to be with. We got drinks first and then dinner. I was pretty sure he was digging me, by the progression of the night, but I am not one to get super sure or ahead of myself with a dude. Ever. Even during dinner he was like oh we'll have to come back and try that. I was like okay, noted, heard, and appreciated. Anyway he walked me home and then when we were saying goodnight went in for the kiss. Here's the thing, the make out was good, but I think I dig him more as a friend. He is a great guy, but I think I just feel more friendly then excited. I'd like to feel excited about somebody and he is an awesome amazing guy that absolutely deserves a girl who is excited about him not just appreciative. 

Gentleman #2, is an interesting bird. I still have a lot of questions regarding him. He may be too much for me or I may not be used to the fact that he is available, communicates with me, and is a nice guy. He texts. A lot. I mean like a whole real lot, but so do I. I have mixed feelings about it. He also is future talking in a way that I am a little uncomfortable with. I mean on Sunday he asked me if I watched Game of Thrones, I said no it was another series I was behind in. His response, that's okay I have HBO, we'll fix that. I don't know why but it freaked me out a little. I mean, it's a hour show so that's a commitment. This is so silly but I feel like if we were on date 3 or something I might feel differently, but we've been out once. I guess the difference is if I was beside myself about him I would have swooned, but I am on the fence so I was like oh I dunno about that. I am seeing him again tomorrow. I am hoping this will result in some clarity. I think he might be looking for something more serious then I am at the moment and so it might take care of itself. 

I never heard from the Cancellation Man. I think that's a blessing. I saw a friend of mine who also is 27 and I asked him what is up with your people? He said oh you don't want us, you are way too good for us. He then proceeded to tell me he thought that he would be the perfect man for me in 10 years. 10 YEARS! What is that?! I just had to laugh, uhm okay not sure what that means, but okay. I actually had a really great night with him. He got a little confessional and I appreciated him telling me he cherishes our friendship and what a good person he thinks I am. I told him he better remember it in the morning, he said he would regret it. Men. We finished the night with White Castle, because why not end the night with tiny burgers. 

This week just the date with the 2nd guy, next week looking like a date on Monday with a new guy. First guy is on tour this week, but been texting and emailed me some photos. He's really great, I wish I felt more chemistry then fondness. Sigh. There's a few guys who were hot and heavy with the messaging and now dropped off. It still annoys me, but less and less. Flakiness in general annoys me, dating just intensifies it. I just remind myself until you've met it's not about you. I feel like I am figuring some things out and growing more confused about others. The best part is I am learning more what I want, and having less anxiety related face sweats when meeting dudes. Bonus!

Eating wise...dating is rough! I went back to the gym yesterday for the first time since surgery. It was easier then I expected. My legs at first were like this is not fun and it burns. Pretty quickly though it was like I had never stopped which felt amazing. I felt good today, no swelling as a result or anything. I have also continued to lose weight and not working out post surgery lost 10 pounds. I feel awesome about that. I was a little worried the past week was going to result in fall out because there's been some boozing, and noshing, and tiny burgers, but I have been walking everywhere, mindful of my portions, and really cracked down on grazing and snacking. It seems to have really helped. 

Looking ahead I want to be mindful now that I am working out to not get bad about well I am working out mentality. I have lost more weight in the past 5 weeks not working out, then I did in the 5 weeks prior to surgery working out regularly. This is not lost on me. 

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