Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leopard Print Pants & Date Plans

I don't usually kick up my heels at work. 

I got my new leopard jeans on today. They delight me. Nothing wrong with a little leopard print even if it is waist to toe. I might even wear these tonight on date #2, with gentlemen numero dos. Tonight's plans are a hidden hole in the wall Chinese place followed by ice cream. When he proposed the plan I told him I was glad dessert was factored in. You can't ply me with all that salt and not give me some sweet.

So keeping men straight is becoming a wee bit of an issue. Before any and all communication I double check who I am texting, writing, or meeting. While I think the guys who make excel docs detailing the women they are meeting on are creepy I do get why it happens.

On deck for this weekend are two newbies. One is a baby. By baby I mean he is 26 yrs old. I HIGHLY doubt this is going to lead to anything, but he seems nice, and he was definitely feeling bold last night when he said I think we should finally meet and find out if we're compatible. Well alright then Mr. I am feeling myself. We'll see. The other guy who is penciled in for Monday, is a 29 year old lawyer. We started texting this week. He's very smart, and pretty funny. I am curious. He definitely considers himself a wit, but has no idea what he's in for if he thinks I can not step up to that plate. I give as good as I get. Should be interesting. He has a bachelor party this weekend and took the time to assure me it wasn't the cocaine and strippers kind of party. While that was not AT ALL what I was assuming I did appreciate it, always reassuring to know that a guy you might go on a date with is not hanging with strippers doing cocaine. I would say that is on my list of preferences. Well played sir, aren't you a sexy beast.

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