Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What I Am Doing Tonight

I am going to dance in traffic on my way to get a manicure. Why you ask, because I have health insurance! I not only have health insurance, but it's not bankrupting me. Happiness all around. While tempting to put that bad boy to use and get my money's worth I will actually just be getting a manicure this evening. There are advantages to not rushing to the gym at night. Advantages like manicures. Mint green manicures.

In other news...I have been freed from my chastity sleeves! I am healing well. My armpit despite my insistence it's infected is not. My Doctor at this point is positive I want it to be infected. I don't blame him. I was like I know you are the doctor and I am not, but are you sure? He's very nice and patient with me and was like keep putting the bactine on it and you can put a band aid on it to if you want. Clearly this is a very sophisticated healing procedure. I can start working out my legs in a week. I can start arms 1-2 weeks after that. I am highly skeptical about the whole arms in 1-2 weeks. They are still sore and fragile but who knows. Maybe it starts to accelerate from here on out. I am skeptical.

I have a full blown love affair/obsession/addiction with Organic Avenue. Samara, I apologize in advance if you to develop the sickness. I'm downing shooters of algae and chlorophyll. I do not know who I am anymore. It just cracks me up, had you told me a a year or two ago I would drink green juice, and take shots of algae I would have looked at you like you were inconceivably stupid. A word of advice, a green juice is fine in the afternoon, algae and chlorophyll not so much. They are naturally energizing and that is no lie. If you were to drink your green juice and take your shooters on say a Sunday evening you will be up reading until about 4am. Also chlorophyll will turn your teeth green. Make sure to swish before leaving the house. Not that I forgot one day or anything.

On the weigh loss tip, vigilance is paying off. I was down 3 pounds this week. Not the goal for the moment I just want to not gain without the gym but hey I certainly will take it. I now have to go look at more tank tops on line now...

It's a problem when they give you a bag. It's a bigger problem when your juice purchase requires it. 

My juice obsessing with Samara. 


  1. Congrats on the Health Insurance, I know that's a big deal in the states! You didn't show a picture of your manicure???

    I will have to try this green juice... I think they have it at Booster Juice (In canada) I will keep you posted of the taste of it lol

  2. This post made my day. Hooray for health insurance, mint green manicures, endless twitter conversations, and tank tops!

    I also just sent you ANOTHER message on Twitter about Organic Avenue. My online cart is slowly growing. So far, I've got my eye on the chai smoothie (OBVIOUSLY), the orange smoothie, the E3 live booster, and the coconut mylk. What am I missing?

    PS -- new food blog obsession: http://www.sproutedkitchen.com/

  3. Joyski- I bet as a lucky Canadian you don't get the excitement over health insurance, lucky duck! I grew up in England with the NHS, I very quickly got brought up to speed with I moved here. Pics of mani to come, when I wrote I still had my old raggedy nails. Do try green juice! I suggest one with lots of greens, and at least one fruit apple, or pear, and lemon. I love ginger but that's a taste thing. If it's all greens I think it's not as tasty, the lemon is the key part.

    Samara- Hurray indeed friend! Viva la social media! Uhm the sprouted kitchen is maaaaazing. Wowsa. Hours to be lost there. I can't wait until you try Organic Avenue. Think you're gonna love it.