Thursday, May 31, 2012

Checking In & Shipping Out

The holiday weekend has come and gone. I would be sad about this except I am off to Nashville tomorrow.

Okay so what's been happening...The long weekend was great. A friend hosted a clambake and it was both delightful and amazing. Her friends are great, and a lot of fun and I love getting to know them better. It didn't hurt that the food was also really tasty. One of her friends I am getting to know drove me all the way home into the city despite living in Brooklyn! I can not with that kind of amazing kindness. He is such a love.

Dating wise, went out with another guy on Monday. I was on the fence. Intrigued but not sure if it's because I actually was or because he is very different then my norm. I heard from him today saying he did not think it was the best idea for us to go out again romantically but hoped we could be friends. I really appreciated his honesty and directness. Lets be honest here when you go out with someone on Monday and do not hear from them until late Thursday you know what's up. I appreciate that he called it like it is instead of trying out another date. I would rather kill it now then get excited.

It's not a huge bummer but I am definitely having to manage some feelings. #1 my brain immediately goes to thinking I am too fat. It's a really easy place to go and something I am not going to know because I am not going to ask him. #2 rejection is rejection no matter what and my ego does not love it. I was liking my track record the way that it was, with me coming out ahead. That's a little creepy and unrealistic on my part. Sometimes there is chemistry and sometimes there is not. I am so happy I did not text him, phew, talk about awkward. I would really be smacking my forehead then.

The first guy I went out with still remains the best date and it's just really easy with him. We email and text and he's always funny, and interesting.  He's sweet and cool and I look forward to seeing him next week.

I am excited though to leave the man shenanigans behind and girl out this weekend. There will be 13 of us loose in Nashville. Sort of terrifying....It's going to be great and I look forward to spending time with some of the girls I've met before and meeting those I have not. I've known Katie for over a decade so it's cool to finally meet some of the girls I have heard about the whole time. Now I just need to pack and make sure I make our designated meet time of 6:45am tomorrow morning. Bluuuurghhhhh.


  1. Nashville! That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure you will have stories when you come back. Girls weekends is always fun!

    P.S Your not fat at all. Thanks for sending me a before and after picture... It seems you have put in a lot of hard work and you look great!