Thursday, June 7, 2012

It Would Appear That I Am Now Old

Nashville was amazing. I am not going to lie 13 girls being in the same place + alcohol + bachelorette shenanigans had me worried. I thought for sure there was going to be some sort of meltdown. There were no meltdowns. There was however, a lot of cupcakes, booze, and southern food. I gained 4 pounds. FOUR! That is a surplus of 14,000 calories. Gross. I still feel a little exhausted and gross. I do however think some of it was from salt. I know, I know I say that every time I have a large weight gain but generally it has been true.

We started off Friday with a prosecco toast and a cupcake followed by a pulled pork lunch. Amazing. It was so great to get to hang with everyone in installments on Friday as the girls arrived. It's funny sometimes when you meet a good friend's friends. We are all very different but it makes absolute sense why we are close friends of Katie's. We're all a little kooky in our own ways, a lot of fun, and love Katie. We had all the right things to get along. Friday night we headed off to the Grand Ole Opry saw some country music. It was really cool because they broadcast a radio show at the same time. There was a 91 year old sparkly pocket cowboy who performed that I seriously need to find to carry with me always. He was adorable. After that off to dinner with more drinks. At this point after waking up at 5am most of us were toast. I look over at Katie at one point and her hair was all crazy, and I said come here let me fix you, she turns to me with the resignation of a little kid and says, please fix me, please. There was talk of another bar stop, and after party, something but Katie begged me to help get her to the hotel and into bed. I was zonked and happy to comply.

Saturday we were off to brunch. Most people started drinking there. I am not a good day drinker so I stayed away. We wondered around Nashville, tried on cowboy boots, stopped for an afternoon drink and to listen to some music and then happy hour. I seriously do not know how these girls do it. I just can not drink like that anymore, and I am not sure I ever could. Part of me is jealous and a little relieved. It's nice to be comfortable in your own limits and like nope not gonna do it. We headed back to the hotel to nap. Yes, to nap and then it was off again. We ate at this amazing restaurant. I had way too much sweet tea vodka and pimento cheese, and then out to music row. The bride to be was tuckered out and hella drunk by 1am so we went back to the hotel.

Sunday night was a parade of zombies to brunch and around Nashville. We looked like a good time had been had, but thankfully we were done and off to our homes. I had a great time and it was interesting being around all these smart, attractive, interesting girls and not feeling anxiety ridden. I had some concerns but overall I was just excited to get to know them. I did have some negative feelings about being one of the biggest girls and I think that contributed to my weekend of excess. I sort of was like well I'm already the biggest might as well do it up. In talking through this with Marisa she pointed out, that attitude while being triggered by a them only hurts me. I am learning I have new issues to work through that I will elaborate another time when it's clearer in my head. I am still mulling things over.

Monday I was a zombie and I felt bad because Gentleman #1 from ages ago invited me out. I just could not do it, plus I had a client dinner. I saw him Tuesday night and he's a real delight to be around. He's interesting, smart, funny, and I just feel sort of grounded in his company. He ended up coming over making me dinner, and we stayed up until 3am. So this week Monday and Wednesday have been zombie days. I got to work on that...

Prosecco Lounging

Sequinned pocket cowboy.

Had this not been $90 some friend of mine's kid would be in it. 

Oh my Nashville aren't you forward. 

Lots of lady chatter. 

I passed on these but went with a bolo with the petite chapeau. 

The bride to be in some finery and excited by cheap beano.
Seriously this was bought at the Dollar General and made her weekend. 

We clean up pretty good despite day drinking. 


  1. bahhh I love the t-shirt and the earrings, too cute! Looks like you had a great time..... I gained 4 pounds on my vacation too! Back on the wagon again....

  2. @Joyski the t-shirt and earrings are just too damn much! Agreed, back on the wagon. Lean, and green machine over here.