Monday, June 18, 2012

When Little met Little

This weekend zoomed by in a blur. A delightful blur but one all the same. 

Friday I had a lady date with my friend Jen at the this place Public. Yowsa the food was good. Grilled scallops, mushroom tortellini with kale and black garlic sauce, delicious Pimm's cocktails with lychee, sticky toffee pudding, and rhubarb cobbler, for the record we split the desserts. Two desserts for two people is not much of a split is it now. The portions were the perfect size, but a dude would probably complain making it a great lady date spot. I made a wise decision post lady date and despite being invited out by a friend afterwards I went home. This was smart for multiple reasons, but the main ones are it preserved self respect, and minimized vodka consumption. I felt like I had this great time with Jen, and I needed to be up early the next day isn't that enough? Why go chase a questionable dude. Yes, the Friday night offer was a questionable dude. One who told me he thought he would be the perfect guy for me in 10 years. I am still not 100% clear on what that means, or who says that. He does and I guess that's all I need to know.  

Saturday caught up with my dear friend James in the park, then met Kimberly/Juice for mani's. We were pleased to have less paws more hands, seriously I was contemplating requesting cuticle skin graft. We tried to revive Juice from a late night with some Mexican and then cruised Urban Outfitters. I tried on a bunch of stuff that I swear felt like I was competing in a competition to see just how bad you can make yourself look in clothing...Not good, but I was pleased my wallet was safe. We wandered in the west village and then went to this bar Orient Express. Funnily enough the 29 year old lawyer had wanted to take me there, but it was closed the day we went out. I was happy to be there with Juice. I discovered my new favorite cocktail, a Danube. It's vodka, lime, and cucumber soda. Cucumber soda! I can't.

Sunday it was up and early and by early I mean 12:45pm because I left my phone on silent which keeps your alarm from working...whoops. I had a very important date with a 10 month old I adore. She loves dogs, and furry things in general so I brought Dumplin' over for a play date. Little meeting little was amazing. I could watch a chubby cheeked 10 month old react to a pup all day long. Dunplin loved the attention, the walk in the park, and the being carried by mom. She was still tired today. I rushed home from Brooklyn for a date with Gentleman #1. We saw Moonrise Kingdom which I hugely suggest, but I am also a Wes Anderson lover.

Ugh, so I am pretty sure it's a wrap for Gentlman #1. He is really great and I am very fond of him but I think we're meant to be friends. He's lovely but I just don't feel as excited about him as I would like to be. We're supposed to see each other tomorrow, we'll see what happens. I just have this sense that I am talking myself into it more than anything else. Not fair to either party but thems the chips sometimes.

P.S. I made this last week, it started airing in Times Square this week. 

This to. Bummer the center screen was out of commission.

Delicious Danube, forgot it also has fresh mint.

Excited Littles.

Hand flappings of joy and baby animal print leggings. I wanna steal her. 

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  1. I actually had to read this post twice, because the first time I read it, the words "mushroom tortellini with kale and black garlic sauce" prevented me from absorbing anything else. YUM.

    Also: I'm totally dragging my boyfriend to Moonrise Kingdom this weekend!