Wednesday, June 20, 2012

24 Days

It's amazing how fast weddings sneak up. My friend Katie got engaged last 4th of July and her wedding is now in 24 days! Oh lordy am I excited but now it's so close and real. Now is when I am starting a strict regiment of applying self tanner religiously to avoid a ghostly palor, up'ing my gym time, and keeping the eating clean. I would love to put some outrageous goals out there, but lets be real I will put them out there just to rebel against them.

What is important to me and worth focusing on is a wedding is one day but the photos last a lifetime and feeling confident will be my best beauty tip. It does not matter how much weight I lose beforehand,  how tan I get or if I made it to the gym a million times or a bajillion. What matters is my best friend will be a married lady in 24 days and I can not wait for that. The rest is just a good way to make myself nuts and not focus on what's important. It's her day and I am there to help make it special not the be the spectacle.


  1. What's the word on the dress? Did the tailor come through?!

  2. Funny you should ask...I tried it on today. It was too big, but that was on purpose. He pinned me up and I am supposed to pick up the final next Friday. It looks amazing.