Monday, June 18, 2012

Healthy vs. Social

There's a lot I am good at, but one thing I just can not seem to fully work out how to do is to consistently take good care of myself. I am just not so good at this. Post surgery it was easy. I felt pressured recovering and not working out to eat really healthy and take good care of myself. When it comes to just day to day life I am not great at it. It seems like without something else to focus on I am not great at consistently putting my own care first, and prioritized. I am not sure why this is, but have a feeling I am not going to really get where I want to go without working it out.

What I have been struggling with is keeping myself and my goals a priority and boredom eating. There's been way too many mindless nibbles here and there and it's showing. My clothes feel a little tight, I feel a little gross and just not feeling great about my body and my choices. For now I am focusing on it not spiraling. I feel bad already therefore let me do more to really make this feeling crappy really worth my while. So far so good at not heaping on more or beating myself up.

Last week I succeeded in being more accountable and present. I food journaled and I checked in. Where I was not loving things was I went out a lot. Wednesday through Saturday I had social obligations which is lots-o-fun and should not be off the schedule but I was a little worried about how it would impact me. I made healthier choices eating out, and I monitored my alcohol. I try to drink 2 times a week though and ended up drinking 4 times. Is it the end of the world? No. Does it impact my weight loss goals? Probably and that is a problem.

This week I have two social obligations on deck so I am going to focus on keeping my eating and drinking on track. I also need to be getting to the gym more often. I definitely have summer fever and just want to be out and about with friends but need to keep reminding myself that healthy goals and a social life are not mutually exclusive. I just need to figure out how to find a balance that takes both healthy and social me into account.

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  1. Oh man, I've been thinking A LOT recently about that elusive balance between being healthy and being social. I struggle so much with it myself. I think I tend to veer towards the opposite end of the spectrum, though. I generally put my health ahead of being social and am really resistant to breaking my food/exercise routine. End result: I'm the worst friend ever. It's almost impossible to drag me out to dinner during the week, for example. And try to mess with my Sunday morning workout routine? All hell will break loose.