Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You know what's a good way

to feel crazy? Dating. I know very little explanation is needed but allow me to elaborate. Tuesday night I went out with a guy. I would say it was a good date. Stayed out late, there was a kiss, and well it was pretty much the best case scenario for a first date. I would rehash it in painstaking detail but you'd be bored and I would be a step closer to insanity. It's Friday and I've heard nothing. While yes, sometimes it takes time to get in touch, he could be busy, he could be in that coma we hear about, I am thinking he's just not that into me.

Nothing will make you paranoid and insecure like silence post date. I know it's a lot more to do with him then me, but I am still left shaking my head going, what. the. hell. No really, what the hell? When the thoughts start I am trying to just nip them in the bud. I have to say though, the more I keep dipping my toe, inching out on the limb not being a weenie the quicker my recovery time becomes. What chaps my hide a little is I felt like I was the closest representation of myself I've been in my dating career. I didn't treat it like an interview or shut down. I wore a dress. I flirted. I tried. None of this is his problem, and it's not like you get an award for not being a weirdo on a date. I do however suspect he's got some "stuff" on his own plate, one specific alarm bell was him mentioning his ex a few times. No es bueno. We all have baggage but I would like to hold out for someone who's free and clear to be with me. Not one foot in the past. A big ole next to this escapade.


  1. I don't know, man -- I think you might deserve an award for not being a weirdo on a date. That's much easier said than done. But I concur when it comes to mentioning his ex more than once during your date. Definitely a red flag.

    PS -- If you want to rehash it in painstaking detail, I'M ALL EARS.

  2. Samara- Sooooo get this, he texted me.....and said "Good luck on all of your projects." I am guessing the unspecified project is my life.