Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pop Quiz

I don't really have the time or energy to get into it but things are still nonexistent between my brother and I. He still continues to ice me out. At this point he can sort of just go take a leap. I am a little over it considering most of his reasons according to my mom are super selfish and nothing I can do anything about. For example, I got the good genes from our parents, and I am passionate about what I do and he wants to be to. Uhm okay. Anywayz......he skipped Christmas last year, but he's on good terms with my mom. I am already stressing about this situation and it's August (holy crap when did it become August). I am thinking let him have custody of Christmas with mom this year and I will take my maiden solo voyage. 

Thoughts? Am I asking for emotional disaster taking a trip by myself over the holidays? Am I trying to recreate Eat, Pray, Love? Answer, no. 

I am thinking about somewhere warm and my cuckoo fantasy trip location is Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania. I think somewhere where there's no Christmas reminders might work better for me. 


  1. hmmmm tricky???? Obviously I don't know the situation between you and your brother but there is no way to make-up?? Sometimes I find with my sister I have to approach the situation differently (we butt heads sometimes) sometimes via e-mail and I try really hard to put myself in her shoes lol that's my two cents on that. Otherwise Tanzania sounds amazing maybe you can bring a friend with you???

  2. Argh - brothers can be such asshats! Quelle stupid.

    Maybe go somewhere activity/backpack based where you can meet some other travellers and not be completely alone over the holidays. Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam are all super warm at that time of year and supposed to be LOTS of fun. Plus you can always check into a plush hotel for not very much money if you need some comfort.


  3. Joyski- I have tried to talk to him but no go. I've left voicemails, texted, and stopped short of showing up at his apartment. He won't communicate with me so it's difficult to put myself in his shoes and now he's just annoying me so I don't even really care to.

    S.N.S- MISS YOU LADY!!!! YAY YOU ARE BACK!!!! Agreed, quelle stupid asshats. You have the best way with words. Good location suggestions.