Monday, August 27, 2012

The Chemo Diaries

So the pups started chemo yesterday. We went to see the oncologist and he said she could start straight away and he suggested that. I was REALLY excited to hear that. He also suggested she stay overnight because this would be the worse dose with the highest potential of side effects and they could keep her hydrated. Sounded good and I agreed. While I do not mind cleaning up dog barf if I can get out of it I am going to. I get a call today from the awesome Dr. Hamilton and he says, well Dumplin' had a rough night last night. At first I was panicking thinking oh no did she have an allergic reaction. So he goes on to explain nope, she more or less had a meltdown. She already is a panter. She worked herself into such a frenzy they were concerned because she was raising her temperature and affecting her breathing more. They tried sedating her. Didn't work. They then had to put her in the DEEP FREEZE OXYGEN CHAMBER. I mean this is like a spa treatment and a time out all in one. That fortunately worked. Her breathing normalized, but he thinks he may prescribe long term sedatives...He says and this is when I knew he was a doctor I wanted to work with she is the definition of a hot mess right now. I of course want to defend her because she's had in 8 years probably 3 of these temper tantrums and usually they are when we've been traveling. So glad she had one with strangers trying to help her, but this is the beauty of an animal you can't control how they'll act and you can't apologize for it. Just have to laugh and call them a hot mess when they are one. When I went to pick her up today from the hospital and get her treatment plan she was wrapped in a blanket and heavily sedated. I happen to think people and animals on drugs are funny. I chose to see the humor and not sad. She was snoring heavily while they were telling me about her meds, the prognosis and treatment plan. The beast for the moment was tamed. When we got home she wanted to snuggle and carry around a chicken treat. Pretty standard operating procedure for her.

Her prognosis is good. We're looking at 15 chemo treatments over the next 25 weeks and she has a 80% chance of remission. 15% of dogs experience side effects of chemo so they tolerate better then humans do. I feel better then I did before armed with the information and quite positive looking forward. Provided she can keep the temper tantrums to a minimum and conserve her energy to heal things are looking up.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who commented, emailed, texted. It has been so much appreciated. I am a lucky girl with so many thoughtful people in my world. Thank you, thank you, you keep me from falling face first into a vat of sweets.

Extremely sedated but on the road to recovery. 

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