Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Such a Snooze

I have seriously been so boring lately. I have kind of loved it. I have been in a little bubble of boredom. I've filled my time reading, cleaning, snoozing, and just generally bumming around. It's been delightful. It does however make me a complete snooze. It's a change for me to just sort of buckle down and be an adult for a while and not swing wildly between obsessions. My obsession lately, taking care of myself. Getting to the gym, eating a good dinner, mostly grilled teriyaki chicken, steamed rice, and watermelon, and then reading before bed. Seriously total snooze. It's strangely gratifying. I am starting to get a little bored out and just in time I have a trip around the corner. Often boredom leads to my best self destructive work. I am off to sunny Akron Ohio this weekend. I can't wait. My friend Jen referred to as Lola (long story just go with it) is graduating from college.

I am so thrilled and happy to make the trip because Lola's done what I think fewer and fewer peeps do. She didn't talk about it she did it. She is a single mom of two teenagers and going back to school has been difficult, but she did not talk about it, wish it would happen, or sigh. She made it happen. I can not wait to see her graduate with a degree she worked and fought so hard for.

I not only get to see Lola graduate, but also visit with some old friends which is always exciting. I have not seen the crew in I think 3-4 years. Crazy and exciting! Roll on Friday.

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  1. I am ALL about my boring lifestyle. Seriously. Taking the time to treat yourself well is so much more important than I ever realized. I'm in a bit of a food rut, though, so I demand that you provide me with your recipe for teriyaki chicken.

    PS -- Congrats to Lola!