Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This is a smidge overdue...Ohio was amazing! I seriously had THE BEST time with Jen, and her family. It was great seeing old friends, spending time catching up and getting to run around at Jen's parents house buckwild.

It's official now Jen, known as Lola is a college graduate. It was a great ceremony and the President of Akon University did the address. He referenced a now infamous commencement address by David McCullough Jr. which is definitely worth a read. The big point of it was you're not special and you have to work hard. It was interesting because the graduates were a mix of ages. It was clear some people had gone back to school and not been on the traditional college path. I think to those who were older they were all to aware of how not special they were and in some ways maybe felt more special. They actually did it. They did not expect it, did not think they were entitled to it, and they went out of their way to make it happen. College was not an experience handed to many of the later graduates.

Post graduation we had a lovely time with her friends, all caught up amongst ourselves, and ate way too much food. Sunday we got up lounged around and then went for a hike. I was not obsessing too much about what I had been eating, but I was feeling a little plump and there was another party that night. The fact that I had 1.5 pieces of cake the night before was definitely contributing to my not feeling awesome and loving the hiking. I also never get to hike. If you want to hear something funny, listen to a bunch of city people discuss hiking. So it's like walking but outdoors right? We climbed rocks, discussed life and then had to quickly rush off to the lady of the hour could get to her party.

I am so glad I flew out at 6am on Monday because had I not done that I would have missed the family party. The family party was the best part. Everyone was so happy for Jen, and her parents could not have been more lovely. Her kids were running around wild and I got to spend time with them and get caught up in their infectious energy. Her son made me delicious s'mores while lording over a firepit. He also showed me the weapons he makes, don't be alarmed. They are very historical in nature and made of wood and he could not be lovelier and sweeter. The dude just likes to make stuff and is a 15 year old boy. His sister was right by his side as they literally frolicked. Fire pit to pond, to trampoline, to sucking helium out of balloons. They were hilarious and my friend Lisa who is how I know Jen was in attendance as well. Even better so was her son who ended up spending the night at the house. Lisa's known Jen for 27 years and now her kid is sleeping over the same house she grew up visiting.

All in all an amazing time and weekend and an even better occasion. Go forth Lola the Brave and conquer the world. I know you will.

Work that Diploma. 

Dams are rather pretty.

Spooky and pretty nature. 

High on s'mores. 

Bye Bye Ohio. 

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