Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happiest Birthday

Happiest Dirty Thirty To Samara! I am sorry if you have mixed thirty feelings but I hope you are embracing them! I surprisingly loved my thirtieth it really kicked off a new AMAZING decade for me. I hope it does for you as well. I think the best thing that my 30's taught me is no one is actually an adult or feels like one. We all have moments of being ladygirls and manchildren, it's whether you're trying to progress is key. Regardless Happy Birthday dearest ladygirl and I hope it was a great one filled with puppies, rainbows and unicorns, or whatever magical creatures make you happy!


  1. Ohmygosh. Lady friend, you are OFFICIALLY the sweetest. And I have to say that 30 is looking pretty sweet right now. Currently on the menu/agenda for my celebratory birthday weekend: avocado toast, blueberry cobbler, dinner and drinks with friends at the Quarry House Tavern, Moonrise Kingdom at the AFI, and a NARS shopping spree

  2. I wish to hear more about this blueberry cobbler....Woohooo to a NARS shopping spree! Hope it was a grand birthday and weekend.