Monday, October 31, 2011

Things I Will Never Be Good At

I usually focus on how I want to be. I usually do not get bogged down by what I am not. It can be sort of liberating to give yourself permission to accept what you are not. It sort of takes it off the life list to something else you might be better suited for to come in. Below is a list of what I am no longer looking to be. 

1. I will never be the girl who can wear an all white outfit. I am a spiller. I embrace messy, white and I will never be a match.

2. I do not get the appeal of drinking games or card games and will no longer try to embrace them. 

3. Karaoke. Don't like it, don't do it, want no part of it. 

4. Be crafty. I would love to create that perfect bed side table finding some treasure in the country and lovingly restoring it to perfection after I have made my home made soap. This will probably never happen. 

5. Have smaller feet or nicer hands. Both are a disaster. Thankfully I can delegate this task to QQ nails. Seriously if you're in Manhattan go to them. They are amazing. I can make a manicure last for 2 weeks sometimes from them. 

6. Drink scotch, whiskey or bourbon. I think it's sexy when women drink these things, but they are so not for me. I no longer strive to be a brown liquor drinker. Vodka 4-eva! 

7. Stop picking at my face. I know it's gross, I know it makes things worse, I know I am not fixing anything, and I know I am causing the marks on my face but every blemish represents the time I could get it right. 

8. I will probably always wonder if a guy really likes me up until we're making out. Not such a good judge of that. Not so much at all. The making out helps. 

9. I will always think when I have a little time before I need to leave and go somewhere that I can accomplish some huge task in the spare 10 minutes. I should just empty the dishwasher but why not try to redo my floors. I swear I am smart.

10. As much as I wish I could pop a card in the mail for every occasion my friends and family deserve one for I will just never pull it off. I am not a card sender. Instead of always having the guilts I will just accept this. I have at least progressed to wrapping gifts and not just handing really unfortunate looking packages to people with a sheepish shrug. 

What are your I will never be lists?


  1. I will never be a journal-person or an old-fashioned lovely letter-writer, though I've tried desperately to be both throughout my life!

    I will also never be a natural cook - I bake, and I can cook but I'm a recipe follower, not a natural-make-it-up-as-I-go-along cook

  2. Hmmm... I don't think I've been smart enough to figure out what I'm not going to try to be! Lol. I still attempt to be the person who will send cards for special occasions. I'm also still trying to be an organized and clutter-free person. Not sure how long that will last.
    Oh, I have given up on having really long hair! I only ever wear it a couple inches below my shoulders, or I get really frustrated with it.

  3. another *** diet girl - I can cook but baking alludes me. Too precise! It's probably for the better.

    Gen- You are TO smart enough. Pish posh to that. Oh clutter always there lurking.