Thursday, October 27, 2011

When in Doubt

Wear skintight black pants. I had been fighting the pants thing the past few weeks. My body is all of a sudden changing and sort of quickly. I hear sustained weight loss does this but it's been a while. I was starting to have pant issues. My standard glued to my body black pants were not so glued. At first I loved the room. Loved seeing the space in the waistband, not going to lie. I love me some loose clothes. All of a sudden though it's no longer cute. It's saggy bums and baggy knees and no amount of drying on high will rectify the situation. This is when you have to embrace new pants. I swear by, live in, and own way too many pairs of Old Navy's jeggings. You might be thinking, jeggings? Even the name sounds awful. I know, I know, but just trust me. They sound like a really horrible unflattering idea. These are just super tight stretchy jeans, they have some substance and are not just leggings made to look like jeans. I think these in the darker colors are super flattering, comfy and well someone should stage an intervention because more often then not they are on my body. I even like to pop shorter desses over them. The first stage is admitting you have a problem. I resigned myself to needing to re-up my supplies and headed over to Old Navy. I was not down one but two pant sizes. Granted, being down two sizes in jeggings is really more like one to a half size in real clothes. Lets keep it honest here. More stretch equals more give so as much as I would LOVE to take that as the gospel I know when I buy real pants it could end in tears. Lets not set ourselves up shall we.

When the weather turns cooler and I can wear my target's finest pleather jacket, and my boots that I would marry if that wasn't totally weird all of a sudden I turn a little more rocker then my usual style. I like the mix of feminine and tough accents. A little lace trim on my shirt makes me feel a little more girly and less motorcycle mama. I feel a little naked in my super tight pants, but I sort of love it to. It makes me feel all zippy running around town in boots with purpose and tight pants.

Might be all black but far from Morticia. 

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