Friday, October 28, 2011

New Diet Plan

I have continued to cook and go about my daily life. Here's the weird thing. I am cooking using heavy cream, cheese, and oil. These are not my usual go to things. I am way more skim or almond milk, low fat cheese and oil what's that. The best part I am losing more weight. Last week, the week of risotto eating I lost 3 pounds. If I am being honest there was not just risotto eating, but also real ice cream, and mascarpone with honey and pumpkin seeds. According to my nutritionist typically when people cook with higher calorie higher fat ingredients they eat less. She said when you are steaming everything you are a lot more likely to let yourself eat however much of it that you want. When you know what's in there you eat less. I do not feel hungry. I am certainly not restricting. It does flip me out a little bit the higher fat things. I just take it into account for my other meals. I am stricter about my snacks making sure they are more nutrient dense then just tasty. Lunch is a little more boring and just knock it out, because it's tasty dinners that my heart belongs to. It's cold out and I want warm comforting tasty dinners that remind me of my childhood. 

My mom god bless her, made dinner just about every night of my life. She not only cooked but made everything from scratch. I never had bottled dressing, sauce, any of that, always mom made. There also was always a salad. I do not think I remember ever a meal we did not have a salad. I totally took that for granted growing up. It's now making my own sauces, and dressings I really appreciate all the effort she went to to make us delicious healthy dinners. I guess it's true we all turn into our mom's because lately I want to make everything and always serve dinner with a salad...with dressing I made. If only I could replicate hers! It's seriously simple but mine never tastes the same. I am pretty sure she puts magic on there she is not owning up to. 

 I want to cut corners, swap things, but instead I just adjust the portions. I think maybe my unemployment project should be the eat heavy cream and lose weight cookbook. Cooking is a great challenge though because you can't be afraid or hung up on perfection. That's for baking which I am not dipping my toes into yet. If I start baking someone stage an intervention because that will just be a covert way for me to eat my feelings. 

I guess me point in all this is, don't be afraid to make things you love and enjoy it. You might end up eating less, and being happier then with your grilled chicken and steamed veggies. Pasta never killed anyone. It was not having it that did. 

Tonight's adventure, another Joy The Baker recipe, and this kale salad. Not sure I can get down with a brown butter dressing. BUTTER DRESSING?! Whaaaaaaat? Mind blown. 


  1. I find when I eat something that is richer and more savoury, I don't need as much to feel satisfied. Especially something rich, just a little is enough! We also had salad almost every dinner when I was growing up, although we didn't have homemade dressing. I think I'll start making that. I have always loved cooking, but these days I feel like I am getting more into it and want to make more from scratch. That bolognese sauce looks amazing, let us know how it turns out!

  2. Gen, I left out the heavy cream, and the brown butter dressing from the salad. I just could not add a cup of heavy cream to the sauce. It was too tasty without it! I did not want to kill the flavor with cream. As for the brown butter dressing, just could not be bothered. Was cooked out! The sauce was super tasty. It makes a ton, so either plan on having a lot of friends over for a feast or freeze a good half of it.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I would have skipped the heavy cream too! Good thing to know it works out.