Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who Knew?

It turns out I can make a mighty fine pumpkin risotto with seared scallops. This is sort of a dangerous discovery because now I just want to make risotto all the time. I meant to take a photo but honestly I was too hungry by the time it was ready. The writing partner gave it an A so I'll take that as a good sign. Fellas however generally like anything cooked for them so he might be biased. It's been really lovely though to cook dinner and then get our meeting on. I think it helps both of us decompress before we have to gear up to be creative and on our thinking game. I also think cooking and eating with someone puts you at ease. He chats with me and plays DJ while I put finishing touches on dinner. I am liking this new ritual. It makes me want people to come over every night and tell me stories while I cook. I in general just like it when people tell me stories so feel free. I always have time for them.

This week has been a little heavy eating and booze fueled. Not really how I typically like things to go. I worked out and tried to off set some of it where I could. You just have to roll with the week that presents itself. I try not to beat myself up and generally I am feeling pretty positive about myself and body regardless of my choices. That being said Friday night skipping dinner and replacing it with vodka was unspeakably dumb. It was not my intention. The night just got away from me. It happens. Saturday I picked myself up, drank some coconut water for survival and moved along. Egon was not too hard on me during Sat's workout thankfully but it was a good reminder of what excess brings. Friday night was a good time so that at least makes the suffering a little more worth it.

Next week I need to focus on healthier habits. Less cooking with heavy cream and more eating clean. Now if my writing partner wouldn't bring over pints of ice cream life would be perfect. Who am I kidding life without ice cream is not perfect or worth living.


  1. Bahahaha I love the last sentence, a true ice cream enthusiast!

  2. D, I have eaten low fat and fat free frozen yogurt for so long I forgot what real ice cream tastes like. DANGEROUS!

  3. Ha ha I did that when I was having a really bad stint and I discovered Ben and jerrys something or other and ate a whole tub in an evening. It's delicious I hadn't eaten full fat full sugar ice cream in years!