Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Last year I discovered persimmons. Growing up we had a persimmon tree in our yard, but I never cared for the fruit. Last year I decided to get reacquainted and sadly did this at the end of the season. While shopping for my pasta fixin's yesterday I spotted my beloved persimmons! It's a little early for them, but I am so excited to see them back. I have no idea how to describe them. They are very sweet, and have a distinctive flavor, and texture. I am familiar with the fuyu persimmons, that's what I have seen in stores, but there is another variety hachiya which I have not seen. The good news is they are one of those fruits that can replace dessert, they are so sweet, the bad news they have 118 calories on average for a relatively small fruit so you do have to factor that into the snacking equation. They are also high in fiber, vitamin A and antioxidants. I find despite their petite stature they are super satisfying, tasty, and look good in my fruit bowl with their pretty orange color.

why hello pretty mid-morning snack


  1. I've seen these at the markets but never tried them because honestly I have no idea how to prepare them :-)

  2. Isn't that the case with most fruit unknown to you? I get so psyched out, and I'm like IT'S A FRUIT, calm down. These have no seeds and you can eat the skin so you can just slice it up and lose the leafy top.