Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life Make Up

I like make up. I think it's fun. I rarely do not wear it and it's less to do with my appearance and more to do with it being grown up drawing time. Often on the weekends I do not wear make up during the day. I find this to be strangely controversial with some of the ladies in my life. My thing is Saturdays I work out with Egon, so what am I wearing make up for? To sweat and have it look like melty clown face? I have to shower post work out anyway and who wants to get made up twice. I don't.

Being single and running around town often with a naked face I feel like I am violating some single lady rule of not putting my best face forward because of that you just never know that you are supposed to live with it motivating you. I think this is crap. Any guy I end up with is going to have to accept despite my usually made up ways I also like to give my skin a chance to breathe and not have a bunch of pigment layered on it.

The person though who takes the most issue with this however is my mom. My mom is very southern when it comes to appearance. Women should be made up and at the very least have some blush and lipstick on. I shunned both for years out of some sort of rebellion. I have childhood and teenage memories of her attacking my face with some blush insisting I just needed a little color I am so washed out. Anyway we were speaking recently and she said that I had never looked better. That losing my job took five years off me, that my color has returned, and I look so much better. She said sometimes I would comfort myself that you just looked so washed out and stressed because you did not have any make up on. We went shopping once and I was not wearing make up and she kept bringing it up. I finally said alright, alright I get it I committed some sort of mortal sin and did not wear make up today. She confessed she was jealous because people would scream if she went out without make up and that she believes everyone needs make up and would even put it on the dogs.  I continually learn people care far less about us then we could ever imagine or grasp and wish sometimes my mom would subscribe a little more to that when it comes to appearances.

I was brushing my teeth this morning looking at my naked face and thinking regardless of whether or not I should be down with this nudity I am. I am okay with who I am without the eyeliner, or blush and the more okay I am with myself the less I feel the need to cover it up. I use less make up these days, I care less about having a 1000 pieces of jewelry on, and in general feel less reason to distract any viewers. Yeah, it's not perfect the complexion could be evened out, the under eye circles covered up, the neck bejeweled but sometimes it feels good to be a little more naked and a little less done up.

Pre-gym naked face this morn.

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