Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey Sexy Ladies

I was on pinterest last night because well I miss it if I stay away for too long. I mean if you do not visually assault yourself with things at least a few times a day you're not living. Anyway I saw the below image someone had pinned and commented on it being nice to see a model with thighs and I thought yes, that woman is beautiful, she does have thighs and I LIKE IT. Lately in general I just feel more comfortable in my body. I embrace the curves. I respect my shape and do not shun it. The goal for me is to not work to eradicate it. I have typically been so hung up on being thin I wanted to erase any curve. I wanted smaller breasts, no hips, slim thighs. I am not even delving into the complicated relationship I have with butts. I wanted everything I do not have. Not only do I not have these things I probably never will. I mean I feel like I am small breasted these days and I swing between a C/D cup. Yeah, not so small....but when you used to be a double D and up well it's all relative. I will never have the perfect go braless boobs I have dreamt of and that's okay. It's why we do have bras.

Lately I put a little more wiggle in my walk I mean that's why I have these hips right? I say thank you when I get a compliment and do not immediately deflect it. I appreciate that I have a small waist rather then cursing the fact that it emphasizes my hips. I love that I can see evidence of my riblets on my sides not because it's bone but because that definition is the result of hard work. I walk with my shoulders back and high heels on not caring that I am 5'8" and feel super tall in heels. I am tall. I will only ever be so small. I have to own it. These things collectively show me that the changes I would like to see are possible inside and out.

 I am a huge fan of strength training and can not stress enough how important I think it is and I've learned my importance will shift. For me right now it makes me feel strong, lean, and it makes me appreciate that what should jiggle does and what maybe should be a little firmer does not. It makes me see I will never have super skinny legs but I can have ones that are strong, defined and let me do the things that I want. That let me wear a dress shorter then I would usually be okay with, and let myself like the reflection I see in the mirror. Taking care of my body instead of always criticizing it for what it's not lets me appreciate what it is. Do I accept my body? Not entirely, but at least for the time being I respect it, and value it and want to do right by it.

All this being said I have recently discovered mascarpone cheese is delicious. Especially delicious late at night with some honey and pumpkin seeds. That will put a very different wiggle in your walk. The wiggle of heavy cream. No es bueno.

I HIGHLY suggest checking this blog out and seeing the photos. It's pretty amazing, not just because the women are curvy but because they are confident and that shows and it's always lovely to see woman after woman who is beautiful because she is confident not because she is a certain size.

Erin Tinley thank you for making 42 inch hips look amazing.  

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