Thursday, May 3, 2012

Losing the Will to Live

Okay that is a hugely dramatic title. I am a little bit however because in about ten minutes yesterday I went from my healthy albeit gimpified state to having a terrible cold. I am forgetting what feeling normal feels like. I think it just TOO MUCH for someone to be healing from surgery, have a punch test and now new stitches, and a cold all at the same time and have no more percoset. To much. I want a do over.


  1. Achooo-BOO!

    Hope you feel much better soon my dear.


  2. Amie- Thank you! Sooooo needed yesterday.

    S.N.S. - Thank you! Much appreciated!

  3. You'll get there, I know it and it will all be worth it and life will be delightful, just think of the tank tops in the heat!!! :-) Stay strong, you're an inspiration