Friday, May 11, 2012

How I'm Dressing & What I'm Obsessing

I knew that post arms I was going to develop a problem shopping for short sleeves, and tank tops. I mean I love any excuse to shop, I love clothes, and with summer approaching and new arms to be showcasing serious perfect storm fixings. The thing is it's not like I don't own short sleeves things or tanks. I just own ones I usually hid the arms of and I am now bored with. I am ridiculous.

I recently ordered a bunch of stuff from Zara, who I love. They have lots of really cute tee shirts for $19.99 and under. I definitely went a little crazy and a bunch of it is going back but I digress. On my way to pick up my zara order because how's this for a I don't have a doorman danger zone, you can ship to a store and pick up. No es bueno. What often holds me back is how the eff am I going to get stuff delivered, or if I ship it to my mom's how much am I going to hear about it? Off I went to pick up my stuff and on my walk wouldn't you know it H&M is on the way. There was a shopping massacre that went down. I'm not proud. I have no excuse, but I will say this a few days later I returned half of it. Once the holy crap I can wear this stuff now haze lifted I realized I had lost my goddamn mind.

I am also realizing not just post surgery but overall my body is changing a lot. I swear weight loss is like never ending puberty. I think I have my mind wrapped around what's going on and something changes again. Now when I see pictures I'm like oh my I did not see that coming. It's kind of nice when a former foe (photographic evidence of shape) becomes a friend. That being said Kim snapped some full body shots of me and I still weird out and squirm like I am trying to hide myself. Ugh, seriously awkward-itis is a serious made up disease.

Last night I had a lovely lady date with Kim/Juice. We saw Zola Jesus, yes again, together. She was playing at the Guggenheim with a string quartet and it was awesome. The company, the setting, the music. The whole shebang. Lovely. When she came back on stage to do an encore she walked by us and she is so unbelievably tiny. As Kim put it I own shoes bigger then her. Not terribly far off.

bought this

not sure about this one, does one need a see through chiffon tank?

electric orange neon stars, definitely need. 

neon yellow of the other day

sassy malassy back 

wow, I can contort awkwardly in photos. 

Zola, perched on the edge of the stage. 

Kim and I. 

Zola, encore. 


  1. I love, love, love the sassy malassy back! I also like the two shirts with the stars so cute for summer! btw if you don't mind me asking do you have a before and after picture of you weightloss? You must be so excited to shop at any store you want to :) How are your arms doing?? Hopefully Healing nice:)

  2. Joyski - That's my favorite one to! No worries about the ask. I do not have a formal before and after. After-wise I still feel in progress so no official one yet. I've been able to shop where I want for a while but this new category of shopping is seriously a problem! I got to stop. Arms are healing nicely. They are still a little scary looking but a lot less raw and gross. I'll post a pic tomorrow. Here's a link below to an old photo, and this isn't even me at my heaviest.

  3. You don't need me to tell you this but seriously, you look HOT! Those difference between those two pictures is phenomenal and worthy of a million shopping sprees.

    I'm so with you on the puberty like body changes - why does nobody tell you that adolescence is only the beginning of body surprises?

  4. S.N.S. - Don't discount a hot so quickly lady! I will definitely take it. Agreed, you think puberty and pregnancy and maybe some aging no one mentions it's a constant evolution.