Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exotic Confession

I am a little less obsessed these days with the exotic but I have always been preoccupied with it. As a kid I used my allowance to buy starfruits, passionfruits, guava, because an apple or pear would not do. I even asked for Christmas and Birthdays to be exotic, perhaps from a far away land.

It does not surprise me now that my love of the exotic has joined forces with my love of off the beaten path grains. I can give or take rice or pasta. Don't get me wrong it is tasty, but I do not find it particularly filling and I can eat a lot of it so I tend to avoid them. Now quinoa, amaranth, farro, buckwheat, and oh so many more, I love. I find them tasty, filling, and they have more nutritional value. Cous-cous, pasta, white rice, have very little nutritional value, even if they are whole wheat so I just do not love to eat it, but you need to get grains and carbs into your well rounded life. Cous-cous is basically pasta by a more fun name to say, which I was saddened to discover. I really thought it was a better alternative to rice and pasta. If you like it, then eat it and love it and let me know your favorite recipes pretty please, but check out the article below for some grains off the beaten path, that I find even more exciting because they are....exotic.


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