Monday, March 28, 2011

Need a Change

Well I have changed a lot and keep changing. I've left behaviors behind, adjusted my new ones, but one thing remains the same. My hair. I usually keep it long, I go back and forth between bangs mostly because 1. I am lazy and let them grow back and just pin them back during regrowth, 2. because my hair is wavy no one will give me the bangs I actually want so I get weird side hair curtains instead so I grow them out. I used to be blond back in the day and take hair risks. Not so much anymore. I have found someone who can handle my wavy hair and not give me some sort of rocker mullet so I stay with her but I am in a rut. I like my hair long because other wise my face looks sort of squashed so I'm thinking no on some sort of dramatic chop so that leads me back to color. I need the below girls hair. I don't want it I need it. I've always dug roots and when I was transitioning from blond back to brunette I had ombre hair before it was cool and LOVED it. I just want to look like I surf all summer and do not have time for hair cuts. Not too much to ask really.

Side note, the terribly out of focus blond picture is one of my oldest friends Dana and I the morning after her wedding when I ended up having to stay an extra night in Philly I was so hungover. Yeah, the wedding was that fun. When I moved to England and started 7th grade she was my first friend. I love this photo, blurriness and all, almost as much as I love her.

Hair Lust:

this is from Cat Wallace at a luverly blog I recommend:


  1. Oh man, I can definitely relate to your issue with bangs. My hair is half curly - half straight, and I always end up with those weird side hair curtains. (By the way, I'm totally stealing that phrase from you. It's just too perfect.)

    Back to the point: I think you would look lovely with ombre hair like Cat Wallace's. I think you should absolutely take that photo with you to your next hair appointment as inspiration. For those of us that are unwilling to go above shoulder-length, color is a great way to have fun and change things up a bit.

  2. Samara- What is soooo frustrating is I had really great side swept many moons ago. Got them trimmed they were great, second trim she incorporated half of the left side of my hair into them. What the hell? Just trim them not demolish. Sorry vent over.

    thank you I appreciate your ombre support. I need a change that suits my hair will forever be on the messy side resignation.