Monday, January 31, 2011

Questions for the whole crew

I am working on a lil some something with friends, and little something for the bloggy so I have questions for everyone.

1. What attracts you most to a blog or site? Personality? Info?

2. What advice to you value? Emotional? Nutrition? Recipes?

3. What giveaways do you like? Do you enter them?

4. If you like a site do you recommend it to friends and others?

5. What turns you off a site? Bad design? Infrequent posting?


  1. 1. Both, but I tend to be more attracted by the personality. A blog can have the best info but if the personality sucks, I'm not as interested.

    2. I value all advice. It all depends in the way it's delivered.

    3. I've only entered one giveaway and it was today for jewelry lol. I don't usually enter them because sometimes people ask too much. When someone asks me to follow them in order to get something, I'm like "Meh". Kinda feels like an exchange and the person is mostly concerned with numbers. I think giveaways are fun though. I'd even like to do some on my blog, so one day I'm sure it will happen.

    4. Yes

    5. Infrequent posting (no need to post daily, but I enjoy when people post on a regular basis. Another turn off for me is a blog that's so busy that the posts seem to be drowning lol (too many ads for ex)

    There :)

  2. 1. I have to like the personality of the writer. If the info is there that I'm interested in but I don't feel that immediate click to their writing I tend to stop visiting.

    2 It's all important, I generally don't rely on the nutritional stuff as I ask my trainer/nutrition person most things. Love the emotional stuff and recipes too, especially little hints or tricks.

    3 Never entered a giveaway, but never seen one that grabbed me before.

    4 Absolutely.

    5 I'm pretty lazy if a blog looks really busy with too much 'stuff' I'm not inclined to read it. Personally I also avoid blogs that I perceive to be a bit obsessive or preachy, mainly because that messes around with me and how I'm feeling about myself and how I'm going. (But that's my issue)

  3. 1. Personality and the visual layout, it can't be too busy. Too much information and ads crammed on to a page are overwhelming.

    2. All 3. I'd love if you added more recipes. I love what you write about your life and your journey, and I also read Tina's Nom Noms for the recipes. I'm always looking for something new to cook as my big meal for leftovers on Sunday.

    3. I've never entered one on a site...ever.

    4. Absolutely!

    5 Bad design and too many ads, or ads that cause annoying pop-ups. Also, I have difficulty with your page because the videos automatically start playing. When there can be more than one on a page it gets to be cray cray.

  4. Seriously ladies thank you. This is so helpful. SO SO HELPFUL! I am helping friends get a project off the ground and wanted to know for my own benefit. I really appreciate you taking the time and energy to give me such valuable insight.

    Kate- #5 crap!!! I hoped they only auto played on my web browser. I was afraid of that...I also have no idea how to fix it. I am going to ask a web savvier friend. Thank you for telling me.

  5. Kate- Auto play is fixed, I dedicate that fix to you to end the cray cray!