Friday, January 14, 2011

So That's The Reason My Hips Are This Way

Have you ever heard the body holds on to emotion? I have and a few years ago probably would have scoffed at the idea and treated it to a fair share of mocking. I believe in it now. How much or how intensely who knows but I think we hold on to much more then we even realize. If we can hide out from ourselves and lose so much in our subconscious is it really so crazy to think we can not bury things within ourselves?

I have been thinking about this a lot. I have entered a phase of self honesty that is like crashing waves of stinging honesty constantly. So far so good. I do not want to run or hide but does not mean it's easy or always feels good, and in some ways there is no going back. It's having your delusional blinders completely removed. I also wonder what still is within me I am not seeing or dealing with. I do not feel a need to prod it will come up and there's no need to push the waves into tsunami realm now is there? I think about my hips a lot though. I have heard from multiple people, yoga classes, and around the way that the hips for women is where we carry and hold on to emotion. I still carry a fair amount of extra weight in my hips and thighs. Super frustrating. My upper body is looking pretty good but the more tone it gets the more I feel it emphasizes the bottom. Whatever we all have our areas where weight drifts, but what if it is also emotion? I mean call me crazy but for realz I am a several sizes different on the top and bottom, something is up. I wish my hips would just have a good cry about it and move on, but something tells me it is not that easy. Maybe they need their own nutritional therapist to not store their feelings? I am only half kidding. I have been told a lot lately my hips are very open so hopefully they will be emotionally open to. Hips, I am always here if you need me or want to talk about something Love Anna.


  1. That's a really interesting concept, I think getting real with yourself and being frighteningly honest with your emotions is part of the healing process, but yes you are right, it's scary.
    I have the same frustrating issues, losing cms on my top half yet my thighs to waist region lags a few sizes behind, grr my bra size is 3 sizes smaller than my pants size!

  2. It's sort of fun at the same time. Who knows what else you might learn? I think a lot of the really hard truths I had to face are behind me and now it's more just calling myself out.

    Disproportion is SO FRUSTRATING but it will all balances out one of these days right? I am learning to embrace all my bits and bobs. It's a daily effort.