Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Those Little Steps

I am embracing cooking more and wanting to get out of my ruts and into the kitchen. I want to be able to recreate things I like, make what I want when I want it, and continue building a healthy relationship with food by preparing my own. Cooking allows you to take back control and eat what you want the way you want it prepared. I very much like this idea. Lucky for me Marisa, my nutritionist, is a MAJOR foodie. She loves food, very much embraces it. She also is quite the cook. She's been giving me tips and we're going to start working on recipes. I realized though in session with her yesterday before I get too far ahead of myself cooking and collecting recipes I need to organize my kitchen. It is not organized well at all. It's very haphazard. One of my overall goals is to get organized and I get super overwhelmed and do nothing. For realz, not a damn thing. I just sort of move piles around. I think this weekend I will attack the kitchen. It's a little area that needs lots done but can be attacked in a weekend. At least then I have one piece addressed despite my fantasies of making 10 course meals, living in a spotless apartment and the kind of girl who can wear a spotless white coat all by magic. Instead I will do the prep and set a nice foundation so I can actually sustain a change. I will also probably remain a spiller for the rest of my days, my Dad always said I looked good in anything I ate. Le sigh, no white coat for me in my future but a usable kitchen.


  1. I loooove cooking :)) so I'm glad you're going to embrace that and do it more. It's a very fun activity, even though it can be frustrating when you fail a recipe over and over. But once you get it, there's nothing like it ! :D

  2. I am learning to just be patient and step to it and learn. I am not going to get every recipe right, but I will make some yummy things!

  3. If you have a moment Elle, share some of your fave recipes or tips pretty please!