Friday, January 28, 2011

I'd like to thank

D from

For an award! I am having a really awful day. My dear friend and business partner collapsed last night and was rushed to the hospital so this was a bright spot in a dreary day.

Anyway on to the rules:
The rules for this award are simple:
  • Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award! (see above)
  • Share 7 things about yourself!
  • Award 5 bloggers who have "Stylish" blogs!
7 things about me:

1. I do not like fish. I want to, I try to, but I am just not a fan.

2. I had cancer three years ago.

3. I can not drive and have no plans to learn.

4. I am utterly useless at putting things, together. I can fix problems but not furniture.

5. If I had my way I would have 5 dogs and a pygmy hippo.

6. Isolated homes sort of freak me out, give me a city any day.

7. I always have crushes on guys with dark hair and light eyes but have never dated one. Not once.

And now to the nominees...









  1. I just want to say I would also love a pygmy hippo and I'm also tend to crush on guys with dark hair and blue eyes (not necessarily light, but I like a colour that stands out). Never dated one either... Still have time though!

    Hope your friend will get better soon!

  2. Thanks Genevieve! Very sweet of you. I can not handle the cuteness of the pygmy hippos can not. Have you ever seen Jessica the Hippo? Look it up and try not to fall in love. Friend is doing better. Hopefully out of hospital tonight.

  3. Thank you!! I appreciate it :)
    I really would love to know where you are from? Those answers made it tricky to guess.
    P.S. I hope your friend gets better soon!

  4. Bethanny- welcome, your blog makes me crack up. Friend is recovering, thank you. Okay where I'm from is a drawn out affair...I am originally from Georgia, but grew up mostly in Europe, moved to New York at 18, and been here ever since.

  5. You had cancer three years ago ??? o_O It's all gone, right ? *whew*
    How can you not like fish ? I'm appalled. lol
    Thanks for nominating me. Where is the podium so I can read my speech ? Haha !

  6. Elle- Sure did, I had stage 2 cervical cancer 3 years ago. I should probably do a post about that experience come to think of it...

  7. Aw thanks for the love, FFA! It makes me feel all warm-fuzzy-Sally-Fieldy :)

  8. I'm totally with you on the isolated homes!

  9. Mellie- Anytime! Your blog makes me laugh out loud like a muppet, dear lord it's funny and you're right I really, really like it.

    D- I feel like escaped criminals are WAY more likely to get me when I'm in a isolated home then in my apt in NYC....not great logic but fears are not logical.