Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog overload

I mentioned I got an ipad for Christmas, and now I find myself losing hours of my life to it most nights. I have been on a blog binge. I have been reading, following, and loving it. Please send me your faves or if I do not already follow you let me know. I also am getting more and more into twitter. I feel less and less like my mom trying to figure out email back in the day and like I am getting it. This has introduced me to all sorts of people, blogs, articles, and more. Anyway the coolest thing I found is FitBloggin '11. It is a networking event for anyone who blogs about health, wellness, fitness, good food, and a healthy lifestyle. I sort of longingly thought about it and then i signed up. It is in May and I already can not wait. It makes me super nervous and a little scared but in a really good way. I even booked my hotel room. Thank you ipad for not giving me an out and making me commit. I love this blog and I owe it to myself to make it the best blog it can be. I mean it is one of my resolutions to push it right? I am nervous and scared but luckily i have months to suss those feelings out and plan an outfit.


  1. A networking event ? Aah nice !! It gives you something to look forward to. Where is that happening at ?

    I totally feel you on the blog overload. I do that a lot --- I call it blog hopping lol. If you find any interesting ones, feel free to share as well !

  2. Fit Bloggin' is going to be amazing! I wish I could be there!

    Enjoy yourself and keep indulging in blogs..they're calorie-free. ;)

  3. Elle- It's in Baltimore, and I can not wait! I am excited to put faces to blogs.

    Shrinking Kenz- I'll give you the full FitBloggin' report after wards!