Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feeling Gross

I feel gross for two reasons. One I have cold-zilla. For Real. This thing is awful and I feel just terrible. Still. Sorry to whine, but seriously I have not been rocked this hard by a cold in a long time. Two, after two days home watching movies and ordering in food I feel gross. I have not worked out since the weekend and I am going a little nutso. I just miss it. I know I can't just yet. I had a moment of total delusion where I thought because I am working today I could work out. Yeah....sitting at your desk and a hour of cardio, very different. I just feel like gigantor automatically. I hate this about not working out, but eating. I automatically feel really fat like somehow a few days of much needed rest takes me back a 100 pounds ago. This is not healthy and definitely something I need to work on. It's all part of treating myself not just better but healthier. I have to learn balance and part of that would be when super sick try not to think about the gym but getting rest, drinking lots of fluids and the hope that your ears will one day be unblocked.

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