Thursday, December 2, 2010

You just never know where that boost might come from

What a week! I went from feeling a little mopey and sorry for myself to feeling really awesome. It has nothing to do with my weight...well maybe a little bit. It has to do with the community the internet provides. My fitperez video this week had 2500 views in one day. This has not happened AT ALL on any of my other videos. The amount of views is definitely super cool and a lovely boost, but what has really just made my week is the feedback. I have received emails from people who have watched the videos, comments on the blog, new followers, and everyone has just been so overwhelmingly kind and utterly amazing. I saw a friend last night who said I saw your new video and it was your best yet you have really found your voice. It meant a lot to me to hear that and I would have to agree. I am finding my voice. In many ways. Outside of food, and my weight, body and what have you and now as a vlogger. It's such an amazing tool to be able to share with people my own struggles and successes. Losing weight is not easy, but really figuring out what made you gain it in the first place is enough to make you cuckoo. It really takes having a great support system and outlets. I have so many outlets available to me now and thank my friend Lauren for urging me to make videos, my friends who urged me to write, and who read my entries and let me just go on and on, and this wonderful and amazing community of people who give me a place to talk about all this. I get excited every day to share more, hear more of your stories and find out what you want to know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I also did end up weighing myself and did not meltdown or go on any sort of tailspin. The emotional eating has been kept in check despite the residual mopes, and I am looking forward to the weekend oh so much.

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