Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You Know

You know when you have a feeling something is going to happen but sort of hoping it won't? Yeah, we all know it. I got cancelled on for something I have been looking forward to. I knew it was coming. The writing was on the proverbial wall. It does not suck any less. The plans are not just dissolving the friendship is to. Now to navigate this without any unnecessary fallout.


  1. Yeah, I know that feeling all too well. The most difficult part for me is being honest enough with myself to admit that something bad will most likely happen. To take myself out of denial, and face cold, hard reality.
    The rest is all about coming to terms with it, and to minimize damage. Good luck! Even the crappiest times pass eventually. You're stronger than a lot of people I know, you'll be okay :)

  2. microlife-Thank you! Today I feel much better. Yesterday I was mad. Today I'm like okay lets get real the signs have been there you ignored them and now it's happened. I am less disappointed and more relieved to just have it out you know? Moving forward who knows. I try not to hold grudges but bailing on me is a good way for me to push you away a little bit.

  3. Oh lady:( I am sorry to hear that.

    On the plus side, now there's more time to flirt with RGC. I'm so intrigued...

  4. SNS- Me to lady me to! He's bringing his A game so far. Just builds the intrigue! As for the other, le sigh, boo to you sir boooooo!