Friday, December 9, 2011


I am not the biggest Usher fan, but I find myself incapable of talking about confessions without thinking of his song.These are my confessions...Usher might have been singing about what he's been doing on the side, but I have to talk about what's been going on under my pants.

Shape wear is not a new concept. I am sure just about every woman in the free world at this point has worn spanx. It brings me a lot of comfort how many celebrities swear by them to. Jessica Alba had spanx sewn into her wardrobe for Fantastic Four. True story. I also noticed recently a lot of my friends are rocking the shape wear for day to day and not just special events. I love what they do, but I hate spanx. I really do. They are not comfortable in anyway shape or form. I also feel like yes they may smooth some lines, but they also smush me into a not so flattering shape. Great that my dress glides over, but now my butt looks like someone took a rolling pin to it and not in a good way, don't even start me on my circulation being cut off in the waist and thighs.

Telling you I wear shape wear is part of my confession. The real thing here is why. My legs are a disaster. Not because of size but rather the reduction of it. My thighs are not so pretty. I have a lot of excess skin and it shows through certain things, and there is not a damn thing I can about it besides be patient. I can be patient, but when I noticed with more weight coming off the problem was increasing I was most displeased. I mean it wasn't just silk and satin and known trouble fabrics but even certain jeans. It was starting to really get me down. I mean if you are not safe in jeans then where are you? It's not like I was trying to wear hot pants and unhappy with the results. My dear friend google and I did some looking. I stumbled upon Lytess. Now they claim to reduce cellulite, inches and moisturize. I think they have marginally improved my cellulite and my skin is definitely softer post wearing but I do not know about the inches. I was not really conducting an experiment. I just wanted to not look like oatmeal in pants.

I am addicted. The Lytess shorts are amazing. Some people wear them out, and to work out in. I think this is crazy talk. They are sort of like a cross between tights and leggings. I am a big believer in leggings are not pants unless your butt is covered, and tights are not the same as leggings. I would not rock these alone. They are amazing underneath things though because they are light weight, breathable, comfortable and I have to say considering how super comfy they are I am shocked by the control they give. It's not as much as a spanx, but there are no bulges where they end and I can live in them. I mean I have flown several times in my lytess shorts. I would never, ever, unless I wanted to really punish myself fly in spanx.

I got mine here, but you can also find them at bliss. 

I would have requested sewn in spanx to. 

Oatmeal leg banishers.


  1. Wow I just looked them up, I think I'll be ordering them when I get to the US, maybe they'd help my belly which is the worst oatmeally part of me, well apart from my upper arms!!

  2. D- These are high waisted on me so they help with the belly control. I do like spans tank tops for belly control. They are pretty comfortable and smoothing and do not smash your boobs which I find others do. I am not looking to be flattened thank you just a smooth will do.

    Kelly- If you look around you can usually find them on sale. I was intrigued and then when I got mine for 30% off committed. Nothing like a sale to upgrade intrigue to commitment.

  3. How did I just see this post?!?! LYTESS, YOU WILL BE MINE.

  4. They are good stuff, I am still swearing by mine and contemplating the longer legging style ones.