Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beauty Obsessing

I get a lot of emails about my make up. I appreciate each and every one because I love to talk make up. I've talked make up before but I do not feel like I have been completely honest in just how deep this obsession runs. I love beauty products. Love them. I am a smidge reformed considering how I used to be. I mean I used to have more products then any woman could ever hope to use in a lifetime. I wonder why my savings are meager and then look at how much I have sunk into beauty products. I'm not proud. I am better now about sticking to what works for me and not being seduced by the latest and greatest product that claims to change my life. I do however hold out hope for that magical product that completes me. Le sigh.

1. I take moisturizing very seriously. I never did and then started seeing Lulu who explained a lot of my skin complaints were related to not moisturizing enough. I started and the problems cleared up. I mean how much better do you look and feel with nice skin? I swear by extra virgin or just virgin coconut oil for the body, and Scientifica peach perfection moisturizer
This is the brand I like. Just make sure whatever kind you use is not refined. 

It's pricey but post 30 a girl has to invest in skincare. 
2. Lips. I love Rosebud's lip salve. This is hardly a revolutionary confession. The best thing about it is in a pinch it smoothes your cuticles, fly aways, and my friend Jen swears it clears blemishes. I've never tried that. I also love a punch of lip color. My go to party lips lipstick is Nars Funny Face. If you don't want to deal with high maintenance lip upkeep you can put it on blot it and treat it like a stain. I love to pop some Lorac lip polish over it. Check out they have some great make up deals. Face Stockholm makes a great lipstick as well for color newbies. It's the veil line. You can build up the color or just have a little bit and it has some shine to it. 

Semi-Matte Fuschia perfection. 

A little glossier and more subtle. Bright lip training wheels. 

Lip survival. 

3. Eyes. My day to day is smashbox. I love their eyelight palette in flash and generally just use the nude shade. Eyeliner wise, I am obsessed with Styli-Style. It's cheap, it's stay put, and I can get it at a drugstore instead of getting sucked into a beauty counter or sephora. 
Not the one I use, but maybe should be. 

Seriously. Get on board with Styli-Style. 

4. Taking it off. I use Purpose face wash and I am always on the hunt for good make up removers. Right now I enjoy Neutrogenas eye make up remover in hydrating. It does a pretty good job and does not make my eyes hurt. For the most part though I am resigned to always having a little bit of eye make up remaining. 

Super gentle cleanser and effective. 

Pretty good stuff. 

5. Cheeks. I resisted blush and bronzer forever. Then I discovered it and for a while looked a little scary but eventually found my way. I like to swish a little bronzer on my cheeks side of face and down the nose, and then dot my cheeks with blush. It works for me. I highly recommend the bronzer blush combo. I love Kevyn Aucoin's bronzer in Natural. It's super light, virtually impossible to over apply and often available on sale on It also lasts forever. I feel like it keeps replenishing itself at night. For blush I love lorac desire. It looks neon pink in the container. Do not be afraid. It's pretty sheer, but a little goes a long way so it also lasts forever. 
A lovely bronzer that does not make you look dirty. 

Doll cheek maker.

6. Hair. Shampoo and Conditioner wise I am slutty and strictly drugstore. I go back and forth between L'oreal and John Frieda brilliant brunette. Product wise, I swear by Moroccan Oil. I like to put just a drop in when my hair is wet and then a smidge more when it's dry to contain any unruliness. I recently started using Janet Waddell's genius hair balm. It's pretty amazing. I swear it's the best thing for wavy hair. It keeps it soft and wavy without any stickiness which I can not stand. I can style it or let it air dry and it looks pretty amazing for very little effort, and it just takes a drop of the balm. My kind of hair product. 
It not only works but smells good.

Genius is correct. 

What products can you not live without? What products have I maybe missed in my obsessing?!

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  1. Ooh I have some ideas about products to try when I come to the us at the end of the month, especially something for my wavy frizz prone hair!. I love Nars powder, especially in winter, makes me feel less pasty.