Sunday, December 11, 2011

What a Night

I could tell you all about it, but instead I'll show you. Fantastic night. Fantastic people. Viva la drag queens!


impromptu photo shoot on the light up dance floor. 

Kim who I call Juice and I. 

Jonboy and me. 

Juice, Jonboy and I pre-dance party sweating. 

I want everything mirrored. Including my boobs. 

A little photo booth hanging. 

I am obsessed with the blond. "She" was amazing and won that night's lip-sync off. 

Coco performing.

Juice is tiny in a sea of ladies. The one on the right looks like Jason Segel in drag. 

Me and birthday girl Coco. 
There are no words for how amazing her whole ensemble was. 

Jonboy dominating the dance floor.


  1. Thanks doll. I owe you an email. If I can make my brain work today I'll get on it :)

  2. Wahoo looks like quite an evening. Hope the wardrobe dilemma worked itself out :-)

  3. D- It did, I kept it simple and threw on some sequins. Problem solved.