Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Well I'm Certainly Smitten

I stumbled across Anna Goldfarb's blog Shmitten Kitten and it's purrrty freakin' fantastic. She's funny, irreverent and a smarty pants to boot. Even MORE amazingly she does mixes!! Seriously sign up for her mix of the month club. I did and it I am pretty sure it completes me. Wait, that was too far. It makes me really, really, really happy. I love a mix anytime of year but something about summer says mix tape madness even more to me. While I sweat indoors on a treadmill the soothing sounds of Shanice's " I Love Your Smile" soothes me. 

This is July's tracklist:
  1. Le Blue Beat - Myriam Martin
  2. The Champ - The Mohawks
  3. Light My Fire - Erma Franklin
  4. Why Can’t I Forget Him (feat. Nicole Wray) - Blakroc
  5. Young Folks (Remix) - Kanye West, Peter Bjorn & John
  6. Shanice: I Love Your Smile - DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie
  7. I Got A Man - Positive K
  8. Ruffneck - MC Lyte
  9. Daytona 500 [ft. Raekwon & Cappadonna] - Ghostface Killah
  10. Today Was A Good Day - Ice Cube
  11. Swim - Surfer Blood
  12. Nunca - Trails and Ways
  13. Harvest Moon - Teen Daze
  14. Fifteen - Goldroom feat. Chela


  1. Woohoo! I just saw this post and it totally made my day. Thanks for the kind words about both my site and my mix club. I have a lot of fun doing both of them and I hope that shows.


  2. Aww so glad this was a day maker! I think the fun definitely comes through in my humble opinion. Excited for more mixes and posts!