Thursday, July 19, 2012

No Really I am Not That Cool

It's only been in the past few years that I had an abundance of friends younger then me. For many years I was the baby. Having a summer birthday meant I was younger in my class and usually then my friends. Now not so much. It's both depressing and awesome being surrounded by the youngins. Today it is depressing because I should not have stayed out until 2:30am with peeps in their 20's. I can not hang or maybe I can, but this morning was rough.

Recently two girls in there early 20's have been spending some time with me. They think I'm cool. They say it, I can feel it. One's like oh my gosh you're so accomplished. Well yes and no. The sad truth dears, I am a decade older then you. I have had 10 years to get some more life stuff done. I have to say t the young people ego boost is super intoxicating. It makes me appreciate a lot of what age has given me and adds a little perspective. It's also a great give and take dynamic. They make me feel something other then old, and I remind them it's all going to be okay. I was there and sometimes it sucked, and was hard, and if your ambitious you have to be patient, but it will pay off or work out. Sometimes I miss being in my twenties, or being able to say "I'm in my twenties" but really I did not love my twenties. My thirties have been a grand affair. It's encouraging because hopefully I am going to keep getting older. This Saturday I will for sure get a year older that much I know. Bring it 32, I'm as ready as I am gonna get.

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  1. Oh sh#t. How did I miss your birthday?!?! I'm a bad friend. How did you celebrate?