Friday, April 29, 2011

Short Term

I am a goal oriented lady. I like to think ahead and sort of think I have a small clue of where I am heading. I don't really. I deviate constantly from the plan. I have been a little off course though and in the meantime because work is getting crazy, the weather is getting warmer, and I just want to run free like a pony I am going to ground myself with some goals. In no particular order of importance below:

1. Get to bed earlier, literally put myself to bed earlier. I do not have to sleep but I need to be in there.

2. Walk home from work to appreciate nice weather, where I live, and to not rush home. I live in Chelsea,  and 8th ave becomes a giant catwalk when the weather is nice. Dumplin' even sashays her way home with me. Girl can work a leash. It's a great way to unwind on the way home.

3. Eat dinner earlier, which means I need to organize my day better, get to the gym earlier and to be home earlier. Time management, I don't has it.

4. Back to breakfast at home in the morning. This is why going to bed earlier needs to happen. I just can't wake up in the mornings. To my defense I am not sleeping very well, then drinking lots-o-caffeine during the day, and then having a hard time sleeping. It's a vicious cycle that delicious coffee makes tough to break.

5. Use Sunday to get ready for the week. I have been cuckoo crazy for turkey tacos lately and I like making the meat on Sundays so I have it for the week. I also prep my quinoa for breakfast and do laundry. The last few Sundays I have not done this and I would like to this Sunday. I think I sleep better knowing I have looked at the week ahead and made some plans.


  1. I need to do this too... It's been hard getting control of my life lately, but small steps are the way to go!

  2. I'm so with you here. Getting to bed on time is the hardest part for me, and the worst part is that it's a vicious cycle -- the later you go to bed, the later you get up the next day, and the later you get up the next day, the later you will [most likely] go to bed the next night. Planning out dinners and chores for the week on Sunday is the first step for me, I think, in better time management.