Friday, April 22, 2011

Ole! Ombre!

Ding! Hair's done. I loooove it. Jennifer Costa at Oscar Blandi is amazing. She was super sweet, helpful, laid back, and fast. I have a lot of hair and yet she got me in and out of there. I made my friend Katie meet me for dinner last night to check it out. Poor thing. She had just gotten back into town and I call her breathless and babbling about how much I like my hair. She's a good sport though when I said where are you, I wish to show you now she was not terribly phased. This is why she's one of my besties.  I like to think she finds my silliness endearing.  We walked until we met one another on 65th street. The 1st pic makes it look a little blonder then it really is, but what can you do when you're using a laptop as your primary camera source....Hopefully this weekend I will have some better pictures to show.


  1. Gorgeous! And now I want to dye my hair.

  2. Samara- Do it! It's the best of both worlds blond and brunette!

    cmh- Thanks so much! Appreciate it.

  3. Awesome, love it! How nice is it to be delighted with a new hair colour/cut!