Friday, April 29, 2011

Normally, Not a Fan

I would usually not say anything kind about a body suit or a one piece of any sort. They can be a necessary evil for certain skirts and pieces but when Lady Gaga went and made them THE thing. I was not such a fan. I would still like her to shock us with some pants on occasion or at least just a little bit less of her bum. It makes me nervous. Carrying on... who looks good in body suit worn as an outfit? You know what happens though, if a trend sticks around long enough you start to drink the style kool-aid and think it's a good idea. I have been noticing a pic here and there where I don't just do a dramatic eye roll but instead a murmur of appreciation.

These two pics however had me swooning, both for sexy rexy confidence and a one piece that isn't just awkward and uncomfortable for all involved:

1. January Jones is gorgeous, and I give her hella props for getting preggers and not saying who the father is. What does it matter who the father is? I could not care less, not my bun. I am stuck on this picture.  She makes me think wearing some sort of bodysuit is a great sexy idea.

2. This Brigitte Bardot look alike makes me want to go to Paris and pose delightfully in front of the Eiffel Tour. I not only want to do that but in some sort of one piece ensemble. Tres tres chic. I'll be in Paris with my mama in July, anyone want to dare me to recreate? Totally kidding. All dares will kindly be refused because it will be much too hot for thigh highs.

Brigitte Bardot look alike picture courtesy of Cat @

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