Friday, April 22, 2011

Quelle Surprise!

I was really pleasantly surprised to see the video I did and was talking about the other day was posted to not This is super cool to me because it is about fashion. I love clothes, accessories, design, make up, hair, you name it I love it. I think what I love is not the labels, being trendy, or anything like that but that fashion is a way to express yourself and distinguish yourself, and it has limitless potential. How you dress is a first impression of who you are that you get to create. What are you saying through your clothes? Sometimes I like to channel a 1920's tennis pro, or a Russian princess. I think clothes let you have safe alter egos that are healthy. Fashion is a healthy armor that gives you more confidence and distinction. Just like you are more then your weight you are more then your clothes but when they work as an extension of who you are and reflect your insides it's pretty cool.

If you have trouble finding clothes that express you in your luscious body check out the below sites. I also put some that I have been digging recently to :

asos curve:

Forever 21 does have extended sizes in their Faith line. I reccomend them, but mostly because their dresses barely cover my business I go up sizes sometimes and like having the option. Forever 21 is a hot button place with people, but honestly I think it's less about them being size prejudiced and more about me trying to save some cash squeezing into clothes meant for 13 year old girls with no hips or boobs. Their love 21 line is also pretty realistically and generously sized.

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