Monday, April 18, 2011

Phase One of Hair

So I chopped my hair Saturday. I see Janet Waddell who is the most amazing, lovely woman you could ever trust your locks with. I showed her a ton of photos with very few common threads and she immediately was able to make sense of the blathering on. Basically we made my bangs beefier, one place I am happy to gain weight, chopped off several inches, and leveled it off so overall I am less layered. She straightened it for me when I was leaving Saturday and I was in deep deep love. I never straighten my hair. It's wavy I don't mind it or fight it, but all of a sudden with the straight locks I felt very Russian czarina mixed with spy. I am not really any closer to knowing my life goals just yet, or a project outside of weight loss, but operation change up my look is off to a banging start. The pic is not so great, but gives you a general sense. Unfortunately my hair being super dark, and my office not light for my impromptu photo shoots the detail is lost. Just trust me. I am getting the ombre color done on Thursday and oh me goodness I am so excited it makes me pirate speak! Arrrrgh get me hair done.

P.S. The necklace I am wearing is my ode to Easter. It's also a current obsession, and Samara right up your alley. It's jewelmint, Kate Bosworth's line, yeah... a celeb line, but if you're going to go down that path she's the one to follow me thinks. Arrrgh jewels.


  1. OMG -- love love LOVE the hair. Also, I totally just joined Jewelmint after seeing a great groupon for it. I completely agree re: Kate Bosworth. I snagged two rings that I love and will probably be posting about soon. But now I'm wishing that I'd looked at that necklace!

  2. Samara- I sort of went mad and bought two necklaces and earrings. I love all three. I like the design references they are using. Thanks about the hair, I am digging it. I have to do a little more work but I probably should anyway. Color happens on Thursday. Can. Not. Wait. Post up your rings lady, excited to see which ones you went with.