Saturday, April 21, 2012

Squash Wrestling & Saturday

I ventured home today. My mom full on admitted she was concerned about my eating getting out of control at home. I mean you have pizza for dinner one night...I get her concern I do, but I get annoyed by it all the same. I have not been eating out of control today but I have been cooking.

I wrestled a kabocha squash. You ever seen one of these? They are pretty and delicious. I have had them out and about but never roasted one. I have no idea why but I got it into my mind I wanted to roast one. They are tough to cut up, I imagine if your arms work properly it would be easier. I roasted squash, and sprouts, and I am braising red cabbage.

red cabbage is pretty and tasty

no party like a roasting party 
Below are just some randoms to entertain.
My healing recliner nest. 

Mission control. 

I swear she hasn't been having pain pills to. 

I'm not good at cleaning on a good day much less with useless arms. 


  1. It is always fun to try new foods :). I hope you heal quickly.. Cute puppy :)

  2. Joyski- It is, especially when it's a vegetable. I know I'll like new candy :) Thanks for the healing wishes, and I'll pass the compliment along to Dumplin.