Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1 Week

Well today ended a lot different then it did a week ago. I have to say considering I had surgery a week ago I am feeling pretty darn good. I mean I smell, walk like an old lady, and wear hoodies zipped all the way up to my chin to hide my child leash but doing pretty good. A few highs and lows today:

Highpoint! I lost 5 pounds from surgery. Considering how swollen I still am I am impressed. I was very curious to see how my weight would be impacted. I really hope I did not have that much hanging off my arms. A little icky.

Low Point! I ended up watching The Client List...Jennifer Love Hewitt's new show on Lifetime. Seeing as I am not an older lady or J Love fan this is a low point but I am running out of things to watch. Even worse, I watched 3 episodes.

Highpoint! Pretty sure I convinced my friend Kim to go to Iceland with me this summer. We're looking at August. Anyone ever been? Any advice? I just wanna see some wild ponies, weird landscapes, and Bjork.

Low Point! My armpits hurt really bad. They are super irritated and sore. You don't realize what a suckfest this is until your armpits turn against you. Bad enough they are hairy (seriously, this kills me) and smell but they have to hurt to? No es bueno. Also my nerves are waking up. I was warned this would happen and actually I am pretty lucky. I do not have much numbness. If anything I can feel a lot. People also have issues with nerves being pinched in surgery. I do not seem to be having any of that. I am however having weird chills, tingles, and sometimes little shocks. I mean they're tiny but still weird. Everyone once and a while I'm like WHAT THE EFF was that. I mean I feel like my arms are hot dogs in a microwave that might explode at any second they are so swollen so the feelings (not to be confused with eeee-moo-shuns) were completely freaking me out. Then I climbed off the ledge checked that my arms had not in fact exploded and reminded myself that they have been shot up with a ton of stuff that is now wearing off and the nerve endings are beginning to wake up. I feel like my nerves are saying we're here bitches, they're an agressive lot.

Highpoint! Knicks game tomorrow, and everyone is ready to be my arm-guard. They are all prepped to play arm defense. I am on the fence about wearing my compression sleeves. I don't want to because well I am vain, but I feel like I will be worried the whole time if I don't. Oh these arms of mine. Cue Otis Redding.

Low Point! I have an expensive juice habit going on. I just feel like green juice is helping me heal. I also find it delicious. Organic Avenue should not be in walking distance from my apartment. I did one of their shooters today that tasted like pond water so it has to be healthy right? I should just by a juicer. Anyone have one? Any advice on what to buy or look for?

Highpoint! My mom has the amazing pillows I complimented and she ordered me two that arrived today. Woo hooo deluxe nest of recovery tonight! I am VERY exciting.

What's going on with everyone else? What are your highs and lows?


  1. 1) I once spent an entire afternoon streaming The Ghost Whisperer through Netflix. NO JUDGEMENT HERE.
    2) Iceland! I want you to go so bad. I only wish that I had the funds right now to think about traveling. I'm a bridesmaid for my friend's wedding in June, and it's doing a number on my wallet.
    3) How was the Knicks game? Did you wear the compression sleeves? Did your friends keep you safe and untouched?

  2. Samara- Being a bridesmaid while fun and I enjoy yowsa such a financial drain. Lucky for me my bride is VERY aware of this and has been super financially low maintenance. I did wear my compression sleeves. The friends were excellent arm body guards.