Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh Happy Day

I have a soft spot for gospel music for many reasons. I grew up listening to it, one of my favorite work projects was a 14 city gospel choir competition and lets face it what music better expresses when you are thrilled. Yesterday was a great day and I just singing "Oh Happy Day" to myself. Why you ask, well you know I am going to tell you in more words then necessary. 

One, when I took a shower I noticed my arms are looking less and less like a super chubby toddlers. From the swelling I've had these fat roll sort of wrinkles. They are going away. On a boo note my right arm pit is still very angry and I am actually heading to the doctor today because it looks like it's on the cusp of an infection. Better to see him and figure it out then head towards the weekend. I'm not worried but I am relieved I get to see him this afternoon. I was going to just put some neosporin on it but after searching the interwebz I found out that is a BAD idea on healing surgical wounds. It actually creates an environment for infection and attracts more goop to attach to it. The more you know. Also hydrogen peroxide which many of us probably grew up having our moms dump on skinned knees is only good for fresh wounds because it also kills live tissue. Another no no because I need the live tissue to heal! In fact killing that would be a big problem right now. Good to know. This is why you call your doctor and patiently wait for the call back and not try to fix yourself when you do not have a medical degree. I need to remind myself of these sort of things. 

Two, I swung by IFC because I needed to drop something off. It was so nice to see everyone, and to get greeted like a long lost pal. Even better they booked me starting tomorrow! I am a little nervous about going back to work so quickly but I feel fine I am just still a little worn out. I am going to be working with a buddy of mine so I feel pretty good about this being okay despite being a week out of surgery. They booked me for two solid weeks and said it may end up being longer. I will take it. I was not hugely sweating my finances because well it's not going to get me anywhere but I do have a lot of them coming my way. There's the fixed, my bestie is getting married in July and I do not want to be cheap about her bridal festivities and the wishes I really want to go to Iceland this summer. I hate feeling limited by funds. Who doesn't, but the thing about freelance is you're not sure what you can and cannot spend. It's like sure I can afford the new mattress I want, but should I not knowing what I will be doing in a week? That's taxing. 
I am really lucky this came my way and I felt like I had to leap on it despite probably needing to rest another week. A rest week does not get me paid and I will actually be less stressed knowing my bank account is getting a little top up and I am strengthening my relationship with a client I really love. 

Three, KNICKS! What a game...oh my lord I was dying. They had a 20 point lead and then in the 4th Quarter it came down to just a few points but then they won 99 to 93. The win was great the night was better. I went with one of my guy friends and one of his friends and Katie. My friend's friend is awesome. He's a really sweet, funny, successful filmmaker, who works with his girlfriend and just down to earth and cool. Their movie premiered at Tribeca the night before he had been doing press all day and he was just the coolest. I have a lot of respect for people who could be jerks or full of themselves and are not. As he was walking up my friend says to me your mind is about to be blown. I'm like oh my, and he shows up with flowers in knicks colors. Hilarious. I mean one what girl doesn't like flowers, but also is knicks colors? Puhlease. Amazing. The knicks play at Madison Square Garden which is a massive arena so the fact that I ran into someone I know from the company I used to work for is funny. Even funnier they just had a massive walk out of staff, and he was asking me what are you up to, are you booked, I need to talk to you, is your cell still the same. Odd. Let me just say I would default on every bill I have before I would work for them. He's a good guy though and I'm hoping he more knows someone who is looking for someone then trying to lure me in.I also think I might be turning Katie into a knicks fan. Awesome. I love a conversion. She also rocked the fan appreciation headband after styling it Nicole Ritchie-esque. After the game we saw the great Clyde Frazier outside and got pics! Poor fella was desperately looking for his car getting mobbed by people. I ended up wearing my compression sleeves because well I want to be less swollen more then I want to look cool. Plus my scar is not so awesome looking right now so what's the point in showing it and not just that I mean it's a sports arena do I really want to expose it to all those germies? I decided not to be dumb and keep my ish wrapped. My friends were great at arm defense, but a few times they hit my arms excited and it didn't hurt but their faces were priceless. Lucky for me where I am sensitive is not really hittable.

So overall oh happy day indeed. I feel so happy and grateful for my life right now. I really do. I am wingless, have work for two weeks, and the knicks are in the playoffs. Not much else could improve it. 

Me and Clyde. Notice my knicks flowers. I felt like the Queen of the knicks. 

Katie and I. I wasn't ruining my blow out for a sweatband. Sorry Knicks. 


  1. It's all coming up Anna:D Seriously lady, you need your own cheerleading troupe at the moment.

    Love the Etta James. Have you heard of Carmen McCrae? This little number always starts my day with a smile.

  2. Sounds like things are really coming together, great to hear you so upbeat after such a big event, you wont know yourself this summer! :-)

  3. S.N.S - A very wee cheerleading troupe would be nice. Maybe more like some Motown back up singers? I have heard of Carmen McCrae, LOVE that you referenced her. LOVE IT.

    D- Things are coming together for this hot second. Trying to be better about enjoying it when they do so I worry less when they're not. For the summer I am fighting the urge to buy every tank top on the planet!

  4. Your own Motown backing singers - super classy. And the perfect opportunity to rock a headdress!