Thursday, April 12, 2012


I snapped some photos while getting my pre-op visit out of the way. Please try to stifle your jealousy at the amazing gown I am rocking. I can not believe I am posting these pictures on the interwebz, but I figure you can not say you are doing a surgical procedure to remove something and not show what you're removing. I am also inspired by the amazing Hannah, and her FUPA posts. If she can post in her undies, I can post my wings.

best showcases the hang

I like to think I am ripped underneath the hang. 

Full hang from elbow to armpit. 

This art does not soothe me doc. 


  1. You are definitely rocking that beautiful blue gown!
    I've been out with a tummy bug but wanted to post how fucking excited I am for you. I know you give yourself grief over you arms (they really arent that bad btw but its all relative) and Im really happy for you that you're getting this done and good on your mum for helping you out. My folks used to promise me financial aid when I get the whole lot done. Can't wait to see the results brave lady!

  2. Thank you! I am equal parts excited and totally nervous. I just wish I could wake up and be two weeks down the road already.