Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 2

Wow. I've been feeling pretty good so I have lost all sense of time. Today I feel well not so good. I have to remind myself it's been two days. I am really tired, sore, and a little weepy. I also might be tapping out on mama time. It's less her because she's being good and more I am grumpy and she wants to have deeper conversations then I am capable of right now. I don't want to chat about my brother who won't speak to me because he's jealous of what I have, or my dead father. Just not in the mood. Katie came over last night and brought dinner which I appreciated. My mom was supposed to be out but cancelled her plans and then monopolized the evening. I was relieved when she said the past few nights of insomnia had caught up with her and she had to go to bed. I was like oh yes mother, do get your rest.

I tried to go painkiller free today just as an experiment and because I want to conserve them. I am now heating soup to take one with in a few minutes. Why be a hero? There are no medals for doing these things. I get to take a shower today which I am both SO EXCITED about and scared of. I am a little afraid of what I might see and I have to transition out of the wraps and into the compression sleeves. I am a little nervous about this. 1. I think the wraps look kind of cool, or at least like I got a tattoo or really like to look like Carmelo Anthony. 2. The sleeves are hot as in trap heat not Paris Hilton that's hot and I am very warm between my legs and arms being wrapped. 3. I will see my scar. 4. I itch REALLY bad and do not want to be able to scratch anything. All that being said I am going to shower today but just not rushing to do so. Some of this is because moving today is not so fun. I am really sore and between the soreness and exhaustion to idea of standing under hot water is just too much. It's a good thing I am really a-okay with being Feral Cheryl.

Well I have been awake for a hour or so and can feel my eyelids getting heavy again. It's a pretty exciting post surgical life up in these parts.

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