Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Captain's Log

We survived. I have never been more sick of peanut butter in my life but it did see me through. Did you know that showering by candlelight is strangely soothing? It's also a way to feel like such a loser. I mean doing anything sorta romantic alone is like oh geez how did I end up here? I have no heat though but did have hot water and was beyond gross. A hurricane is no excuse for Josey Grossy behavior.

In other news I received a card from my mom ending the cold war. It had knives on the front. Freudian card selection slip much? She has power and hot water and I think I might be willing to potentially walk into another perfect storm for it. I spoke to her today and she was practically leaping for joy at a potential reunion. I hate being in such a weakened position, but maybe it won't be so bad. She did manage to annoy me pretty quickly. She's booked some sort of three bedroom'ed cottage in California for us to bond and heal in over Christmas. I'm like I just do not think that is a good idea. She's like well you mentioned going there. Right, I did, ALONE. There's a key factor in that. A very significant note. I cannot obsess about it too much currently.

Priorities, a real shower, with very hot water. Getting the pup to chemo. Her nodes have been doing okay, not great, but then her platelet count dropped and she had to pass on chemo. She needs a top up this week but no one has power below about 38th street so I am doubting they are dealing with chemo currently. Considering their phone isn't even working I am pretty sure this is not happening.

Friday however I am Knicks bound. No hurricane is going to keep that from happening. Nope.

Any East Coasters, I hope you are safe, powered up, and warm.

the hurricane ate a building a block away from me

seriously, I pappoosed up the pup when I heard this go down. 


  1. Wow you were so close to that building!! I'm so glad you came through it ok.

  2. I saw that building on CNN that is nuts! I am glad your okay :)

  3. Eeeek, that collapsed building is a bit too close for comfort! Yay for surviving another storm:)

    Also, it's fantastic that your mum has made an effort to get in touch. It's so hard when family relationships are intense and I can definitely understand your reservations about the cottage in Cali. If you have to go, can you set the agenda? So there's a specific time for heart-to-heart talks and you can also get some time on your own?

  4. Yes, a block away is WAY TOO CLOSE!

    S.N.S. Ugh...I have no Cali idea. I am just sorta not interested. I just think it's a set up and a way for my mom to mom out and be like I did this nice thing and everyone's being a brat.