Friday, October 5, 2012

Bars Wars

Not the good kinda of bars, or maybe they are I dunno. The work fridge situation is a little sketchy. I fear snack thievery and well it's kinda gross. This makes snacks a challenge because a lot of my preferred snacks need some cooling. Apples are my go to, but they need a friend to be a perfect snack. This has lead me into the world of bars. I have gone off and on with bars. Some are too much like candy, some I want 2-3 of, some are just too high in calories but not satisfying if I only eat half, but they are just too easy peasy to keep on you to rule out. Enter the bar wars. Below is what I have been turned on to lately. I love you are all writhing in jealousy at how exciting my life is. 

These are a great eat with something else and keep in your bag snack. I prefer the choc/pb to the coconut flavor. 

So good I almost do not want to tell you about it. Falls apart though, and clocks in on the higher calorie side with 200. I pinch of a lil bit to not finish so I can try to keep it to 150 calories. 

Seriously look at all the blueberry goodness in there. 

Delish but not as good as the blueberry. 

borderline gross and please nutrition for women? Leave my lady parts out of it. 
Not too shabby, but prefer the chocolate pb flavor. 


  1. I love these kinds of bars but since ive been concentrating on sugar as I've noticed it exacerbates the urge to binge in me I've noticed how much sugar some of my favourite ones have. The only ones that have a reasonable level are the Atkins ones but then of course they are not exactly whole foods and are full of sweeteners to make them delicious. Call me crazy but sometimes I just want something sweet to eat and the occasional coke zero doesn't cut it all the time. The chia bar sounds good! Nutrition for women, yeah I don't know any man who would look at the and go hmm yeah ill have a go! :-)

  2. Mmmmmm blueberries - that bar looks so amazing! I went to Wholefoods for the first time ever last weekend to find some healthy non-chocolate snacks. Lots of the super "healthy" brands were really high in calories and not that appetising looking:( And of course the delicious looking ones were waaaaay off the chart.

    I don't know if you can get them in the states (I'll send you some if you can't) but in the UK there's a brand called Nak'd that makes date and nut bars. So scrumptious and only 145 cals per bar:)